Today Facebook is an important social media channel for small businesses. And nowadays, all small businesses are actively having a Facebook presence. Most of the businesses have been finding a way into the customer’s heart through Facebook.

Small business marketing might be challenging when it comes to competing with large ones. As trends change, you want to expand your business to meet the growing customer demand. 

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 2 billion monthly users. This is why Facebook is one of the best social networking sites for business leaders across the globe. Regardless of whether you want to reach out to a small customer base or a large customer base, Facebook is the best choice.

However, you’re going to need good Facebook marketing strategies if you are willing to stand out your business among the 200 million businesses on Facebook.

Facebook ads are the cornerstone of many small and medium businesses’ marketing strategies.

But you need to pay attention to the content and organic growth on your page in addition to your ads.

We’re here to provide you with a 10-step Facebook marketing strategy that helps you to stand out in the competition.

1. Facebook Page Optimization

When developing a Facebook marketing strategy, the first step should be to create and optimize your Facebook page. Working on your page details checklist is a must. Add a profile photo that is connected to your business; it might be your company’s name or logo. It would have a 180 x 180-pixel resolution. Don’t forget to provide a cover photo as well.

For your page, enable a custom URL or “username.” A username aids in the discovery and recall of your page. When you establish a username for your page, it displays a personalized web address (for example,, making it easier for visitors to type in the URL.

If you want to expand your business on Facebook, you must correctly explain your business page, including what type of business you are in and what services you provide. 

Include a website link.  Provide a link to your page on your own website. This will assist you to improve the page rank for your business name, which will aid in your reputation management efforts. 

By doing all of this your page will get traction and your business will start to get noticed.

2. Play With Content: Should be Clear, Concise, and Relevant

To attract customers, your small business does not need to know jargon technology or heavy terms. When it comes to posting content on your Facebook business page, it only needs to be the best, clear, succinct, and relevant. With Facebook marketing strategy we can achieve a huge customer base.

It may appear challenging to develop content at first. But don’t worry; there are a number of simple techniques to keep the information simple, short, and easy to understand while yet making it appealing as well.

Many experts have shared their views with tips for creating content on Facebook on the internet. This will help you to increase your reach and engagement.

3. Content should be planned

Creating planned content is important and alongside is time management. It is always ideal to have a planned content calendar to post your content unless you are planning to post a trending topic. With a planned content calendar, you have one of the most effective ways of posting content live without having to spend too much of your time on a social media site.

This is one of the great FB marketing strategies. A content calendar will help you to plan prior regarding when you should post and also help you to preload the related content to some tool, such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Hookle

With a content scheduling tool, you can auto-post your content according to your preference of time. When all the content is arranged and organized well, the only thing you have to do on Facebook is monitor and respond to your follower’s queries. This is also another brilliant marketing strategy tip for Facebook marketing.

4. Plan Engaging Ad campaigns

You should realize that there is more to it than increasing the budget when it comes to scaling paid traffic campaigns. This is something marketers should keep a note of rather than coming up with a list of what they are expected to do. 

From here, you need to have a clear strategy on how to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. There are some important things one should keep in mind when running Facebook Ad campaigns. You can always check with the digital marketing tips and tactics they suggest for scaling paid Facebook campaign ads.

5. Organic Reach Should be the Priority

It is important that you consider the growth of your organic traffic reach. There is very high competition on Facebook. Businesses find it difficult to implement organic tactics to reach out to their consumer base when it comes to Facebook’s algorithm. We all want organic reach rather than having to depend on paid tactics.

Implementing organic traffic strategies to increase your reach to customers is always better than having to pay for a Facebook promotion. The best thing you could do is to post at odd and non-peak hours – which could be against the conventional or preferred techniques. But if nothing works, you will find that this will help you to stand in the competition.

6. Posting when your people are active

Earlier we had discussed posting planned content and posting on time (peak or non-peak hours), but the actual conventional method is to post during the time of the day when most of the people are likely to be online or when most of our customer base is active.

When the majority of your audience is online, post your content. Your followers would be active during peak times and posting at that time will increase the reach and engagement levels. However, we cannot neglect the fact that your content might get lost in a noisy newsfeed.

What you can do is post at night when people are less active, to prevent it from not getting found.

This is the time when newsfeeds and other things are also less active. And at that time when there is less activity, online people are more likely to reach out to your posts. This would bring nice engagement and activity across your newsfeeds, which will be a better chance for exposing your content – taking it to the feed of followers who will log in the morning.

7. The Intent of your post: Monitor Daily

Having an intent before posting is always important. According to experts’ opinion, small businesses should be very alert when they communicate with their audiences. This means whenever they post any content, it must be closely related to the content that their audiences wish to see.

When you go around posting any content without intent, remember that you might be posting something that your people don’t want to see, which annoys them and leaves a bad impact. 

That’s why you should post content that is relevant and has a point in connection with the people related to it. Post the content with intent and later you can decide to boost it when you have a good budget. Facebook insights will help you to determine what type of content you should post. 

8. Great choice to have Custom Audiences for ads and boosted posts

To run Facebook ads (paid), remember that you need not have a good budget. All you need is to have an effective targeting strategy to ensure that your posts will reach out to the right audience. This can be accomplished by using custom audiences. They will help you to find whether you can get a higher return on a post or not. You can easily create custom audiences and use Facebook pixels on your site to target a range of customers.

These are a few ways to help you create the custom audience pattern:

• Subscribing to newsletters

• The number of users watch the complete video 

• People who visit your page and engage

• Types of people who visit your website

You can always create custom audiences. But if you are not sure about that, you can seek Facebook’s help for information on the audiences who have matching interests and behavioral patterns similar to your customer list or existing customer base.

9. Facebook follow button

In case your Facebook page carries your website URL, you would need to have links from your website to your social media accounts. With buttons, you can always invite your website visitors to reach out to your Facebook page for more opportunities to engage with you, thereby leading to loyalty.

10. Better Customer Service

Well, is not that obvious that we are here to reach out to our customers? More than 80% of customers want better customer service when they are dealing with brands that they found through Facebook. So, when you are reaching out to your customers via Facebook, make sure that you provide a good experience to stay and shine in the competition.

Facebook marketing is a channel where the response rate is faster than ever. Most of the time, people respond to a brand that offers a huge trust signal once they understand that you respond. This gives them an emotional feeling to connect and they want to get closer to you.

Final Thoughts

Now you have some of the proven Facebook marketing strategies for small businesses to stand out in competition and reach out to your customer base. So, the first thing you have to do is to try them out.

Remember that experimentation is the key here. If your Facebook marketing campaigns are not getting as much traffic or engagement as you thought, it might be time to take a few steps back and reflect on the points that are not working for you.

If your content is not working or not getting engagement, try to do experiments with timings or content. 

Feedback is also very essential. Try to get feedback from users about your Facebook marketing campaigns and use it to improve your Facebook page.

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